Save the World, Kill a Kid

So, I was roaming around the ‘net earlier and I decided to stop by Surbers to see what was going on.  Talk about news you can use!  Foam car:

From Fox News: “Would you drive a car made out of foam? What if it got 100 miles to the gallon and could save lives? It’s called the Spira4u, and it’s one of the more curious vehicles that have been competing for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, a competition to see who can design the best 100-miles-per-gallon car.”

Now, as someone who totals out a car every few years my interest was peaked.  Afterall, I’m not getting any younger and it might be best if I didn’t break my back-again.  Foam might just be the ticket.  I clicked on the link to their website, the Spira4u Web site, and then went to “order“.  Here’s what I found:

To reserve a Spira we ask that you make a minimum $100 US (75 € Euro or equivalent) donation to any environmental charity of your choice to receive a reservation #.

Lon Ballard suggest Planned Parenthood as overcrowding is the root cause of global warming, wars, starvation, crimes, traffic, crowded schools, etc.

Planned Parenthood is an “environmental charity”.  Who knew?

Admittedly I feel a little foolish.  I had no idea that “overcrowding is the root cause of global warming”-I had thought that the root cause was the sun.  Well, Planned Parenthood certainly is good at solving that overcrowding problem.  Heck, why are we even bothering with that Cap & Trade thing when we can simply abort our way to a cleaner environment?

On further consideration, I don’t think I’ll be buying a Spira.  Something about a company soliciting donations for abortion under the guise of doing “good works” just doesn’t sit well with me.

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