Sherrod accused of exploiting her own laborers

Tom Blumer, The Examiner: Former Shirley Sherrod employee accuses her of exploiting black farm laborers.

Somehow this is not a surprise. Can we recall SEIU employees picketing SEIU?

The left always thinks rules are for everyone else. Someone else should always pay.

Discovery during her lawsuit against Andrew Breitbart should be interesting.

More. Roger L. Simon, on a related subject, in part:

At this moment, two of their leaders from a supposedly disadvantaged minority are about to be tried for ethical transgressions (read: thievery) even Congress couldn’t sweep under the rug. Never mind that these transgressions mostly exploit the very minority these people purport to represent. It’s part of the game. Convince minorities they should act like victims. Extort guilt payments from the majority and keep the change. Meanwhile, nothing improves for the minority because it would interrupt the system.

Connected elites win, most lose.

All we want is a level, color-blind playing field.