Who knew MoveOn Shopped at Target?

Well, I guess Michelle Obama’s favorite is the Target at Roosevelt Rd. at the south end of Chicago’s loop. I’ve shopped at Target since I got out of college in the 70’s and started my first job in the Twin Cities.

It’s kind of funny, though, because Target is the overall corporate name of the higher end retailer that launched it–Dayton’s–which has now been sold off and is defunct.

The company has donated to Tom Emmer, the Tea Party GOP candidate for Minnesota governor, as he’s pro-business, in their view. The MoveOn people are not happy, but then when are they ever? When they swear off George Soros’ money maybe I’ll listen.

What’s the number one issue for most Americans these days–jobs and economic growth, not social issues. Sometimes man has to live on bread alone.

Um, and who’s the Democrat candidate for governor in the Gopher State?

His name is Mark Dayton.

As for me, I shopped at Target this morning. They were having a sale or two.