Guess who is bringing his campaign magic to PA?

I, for one, welcome our President and his special brand of campaign magic to my state. Sestak, however, continues to play up their supposed differences though he welcomes the money I am sure:

President  Barack Obama will hold a fundraiser for Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Joe Sestak on Sept. 20 in Philadelphia, his office confirmed Friday morning.

It’s the first event Obama will have held for Sestak since the candidate defeated incumbent Democrat Senator Arlen Specter, whom the president supported. Sestak challenged Specter against the wishes of the president, who also held a fundraiser in Philadelphia for Specter before the primary, and the rest of the Democratic Party.

“We’re honored that the President would do an event with Joe during his trip to Pennsylvania,” said spokesman Jonathon Dworkin in a statement. “He and Joe may have had their differences, but they can agree that it is critical to elect a Senator who will put Pennsylvania’s working families first.”

The fundraiser will be one of several events Obama holds in Pennsylvania that day.

Let’s hope Sestak fails to catch the connection between Obama campaign help and certain doom at the polls. Obama currently holds a -23 approval in Pennsylvania which is why he probably won’t step a foot out of Philadelphia when he dares to make an appearance here.  It bears repeating though the only real difference between Obama and Sestak was career related;  Sestak votes with the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate 98% of the time.

This race shouldn’t even be close in my opinion.  The Obama agenda is the bubonic plague in Pennsylvania and Sestak was a carrier:

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