Truth in Advertising

Every year, there is a report that calculates the cost of government based on the burden per individual in federal, state and local taxes including sales and property taxes designed to show exactly how much the existing bureaucracies in their multiple hydra head like forms, takes away from the private sector. The date in 2010 when a person meets all the obligations imposed by all of government this year, was August 19th.

With that in mind, I submit the following truth in advertisement slogans for the existing government entities to use free of charge; presuming they won’t figure out how to tax me for satire which in Philadelphia, they’re already trying to do vis-a-vis a $300.00 registration fee for bloggers. Apparently online writers in the city of brotherly love make out pretty well to warrant that sort of a grab from the state. For the curious and the public record, I’m still waiting here for my first two cents from AdSense and my blog is approaching the tender age of three.

Ten Proposed Bumper Sticker Mottos for the Government

10) We spend it all so you won’t have to.
9) Cost of running the government for this year; 3.5 Trillion dollars. For everything else, there’s taxes.
8) Defying the laws of country, supply and demand and common sense.
7) What? Me worry?
6) This would be less painful if you’ld Change your Hopes
5) Greece did it first.
4) Land of the not so free.
3) We spent 1.3 Trillion Dollars and I didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt!
2) Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
1) Relax. We’re From the Government, and We’re here to help.

At least, we haven’t reached the irony point of finishing paying for all of this on Labor day.