Sean Bielat money bomb starts tomorrow

Via Facebook
Sean Bielat needs our help to defeat the despicable Barney Frank:

STAFF POST: We make a conscious effort not to “grovel”, but the fact remains that we need donations to get our message out and defeat Barney Frank. He has 100% name recognition and access to millions of dollars in special interest money and we are a “start-up”, grassroots campaign. Our first online “money bomb” starts “sizzling” tomorrow and will “detonate” at Midnight on 9/12. Please stay tuned for details!

Michelle Malkin recently threw her support behind Sean reminding us three decades of Barney Frank is enough:

His name is Sean Bielat. He’s a businessman. He’s a Marine. He’s a young father fed up with “systemic corruption” in arrogant Washington. He opposes cap-and-tax, will fight other oppressive Obama eco-policies that are squeezing fishermen, supports a strong national defense, and believes “It’s time for our leaders to return to and abide by the Constitution.” He launched a RetireBarney campaign back in April.

His new radio ad takes on Frank and the Dems’ failed stimulus and bailout policies. Listen here.

Donate here.

Barney Frank has held his seat for 29 years. Three decades is enough.

Actually three minutes of Frank is enough but three decades is excruciating.   Sean Bielat is an amazing candidate but he is going to need our help to tackle the leviathan Frank war chest.  No one is more intrinsically linked to the policies that “drove us in a ditch” than Barney Frank.  Sean Bielat is poised to take away Barney’s keys. You can help make that happen, Donate to Sean Bielat here.

How much is it worth to you to see the faces of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as they report on the demise of Barney Frank?