O’Donnell’s Got ‘Em Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered

John Nolte, of Big Hollywood writes, “In desperate Hail Mary moves to protect Obama and Democrats from what’s looking like a November rout, three of the left’s most beloved Palace Guards have just upped their game considerably. Bill Maher’s now openly blackmailing Delaware Republican Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell, threatening a weekly drip-drip-drip of videos he thinks will ruin her candidacy unless she agrees to appear on his show—which is where he’ll really pull out the stops to finally win that Emmy by attempting to destroy her.”

Big Government, offers the thoughts of John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute, on what Karl Rove should have said following O’Donnell’s victory in Delaware.

Michelle Malkin sternly writes, “Narcissism. Blackmail. Distortion. All wrapped in his trademark smirk of pallor. Yes, it’s tired old liberal “comedian” Bill Maher trying to get Senate GOP primary candidate Christine O’Donnell to come on his show by baiting her with a brief video clip in which she mentions having “dabbled” in “witchcraft” and hung around people who practiced it.”

“The left-wing blogs (and a few short-sighted rightie ones) are having a field day. What they all seem to have missed is the context for the discussion. The AP says the “context of what led to the comment is not clear.”

I like what Stacy McCain threw out there:  “What is it with some Republicans who would rather walk away from a difficult fight rather than to muster a show of force by winning where Conventional Wisdom says victory is impossible? I’ve always loved underdogs who fight like hell and win despite all odds, but it seems some members of the GOP commentariat are wired differently.”

“Christine O’Donnell is a ‘lousy candidate’? Well, pray tell what would you call John McCain?”

Tell it, brother!

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