Dorks Alan Grayson In The Squeakhole

The darling of the Left is in heap big trouble. Congressman Alan Grayson (D-ranged FL) has been subpoenaed about his involvement in helping a Tea Party activist get on the ballot as a re-election ploy. Lawyers contend the TEA Party, which is a registered political party and has several candidates, including Peg Dunmire, who is running for Grayson’s 8th Congressional District seat, is a front and that Grayson has colluded with them to draw votes from the Republican candidate, former state lawmaker Daniel Webster.

The latest Sunshine State/VSS poll shows Luca Brasi, er, I mean Alan “Die Quickly” Grayson trailing Republican Daniel Webster by seven points.

He’s even more unpopular than the errand boy sent by grocery clerks, which is not surprising given how controversial he has been with his rhetoric and TV ads.

So now we have giving Grayson some of his own medicine and Mary Poppins is nowhere to be found to administer a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

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