Or are men more tolerant than women?:)

Geraghty in Morning Jolt:

The conservative blogosphere takes up an issue near and dear to my heart, political mixed-marriages. It began from a New York Times article profiling some couples, including NR’s Richard Brookheiser and his wife Jeanne Safer.

Neo-neo-con observes, “Note that, in the marriages described in the article, it’s the woman who’s the liberal and the man who’s the conservative. This ties in with statistics showing that, ever since a transition time somewhere during the 70s or early 80s, women consistently have been more likely to vote Democrat and men Republican. . .. I’ve personally known a number of marriages of the mixed political variety. Almost all of them have conformed to this Democrat-woman Republican-man pattern. Almost all of them seem to be working out pretty well. In the olden days, the couples I knew used to laugh that they shouldn’t bother to vote because their votes always canceled each other out. Now, however, there’s a lot less laughter.”

I don’t know. I’m laughing.

“Luckily many wives view their husbands as barely functional Neanderthals so it’s often not a huge stretch for guys,” quips Maetenloch at Ace of Spades.

Mrs. CampaignSpot hates appearing in my columns, but there’s no way to address this issue without drawing from personal experience. I read the incredulous responses and am surprised at how much other people are surprised. At the end of the day, there is a lot more to life than politics. If the paramount priority of a relationship was to be with someone who was similar to you, we would all be homosexual. If you find somebody who you love, who loves you, who can put up with your quirks and foibles, and whose quirks and foibles only drive you up the wall in the good ways, grab them. You have the rest of your lives to plant seeds of doubt about their usual political notions.

What do we think about this? Are men more tolerant than women?:) As the discussion goes, you usually don’t see a conservative woman married to a liberal guy. Carville and Matalin the exception. (But then, is James Carville your usual leftist?)

As for me, I grew up as a Dem (where Dems were anti-commie and pro-life) and when I met my spouse wondered how a (Goldwater) Republican could be so nice. Now I’m more conservative than he is. And less nice:)

And probably the stultifying political correctness had something to do with my recognition I didn’t belong as a Dem–major intolerance there.

P.S. And interestingly, as we’ve seen this election year, women, a lot of whom are independents, may have their biggest impact through the TEA party. They’re looking at the burden on the next generation and getting involved as never before.

It may be even some single women don’t see Big Government as a reliable provider.