What is a good mother to do?

Via The Blaze

Can murder be a kindness? Television pundit Virginia Ironside shocked BBC viewers when she argued that sometimes the most loving thing a mother can do is to put a pillow over the face of a suffering child:

She said: ‘Abortion can often be seen as something wicked and irresponsible, but in fact it can be a moral and unselfish act… Sometimes the decision of a good mother is not to have the child.’
Programme host Susanna Reid appeared visibly shocked by her comments during the live debate, gasping: ‘That’s a pretty horrifying thing to say, that you would put a pillow over a suffering child.’

The writer said she recognised that disabled people could lead active and fulfilling lives.

But she said there were millions of disabled and unwanted children around the world who were left suffering in institutions.

‘To go ahead and have a baby, knowing that you can’t give it some kind of stable upbringing, seems to me to be cruel,’ she said.

There can be no other options presumably, murder a child either before it is born or after when you can’t provide a “stable” upbringing. I am nearly as speechless as the guest and host on the BBC program where Ms. Ironside made her outrageous statement: