Is O’Donnell making the Dems sweat?

They’re shifting resources to Delaware to prop up their bearded Marxist turned bland tax and spender? Per RedState.

As one commenter stated:

Whether O’Donnell wins or not (and I pray she does)…

she’s done a huge service to all Republican candidates by being the “lightning rod”. The media are so obsessed with her, that it’s taken the heat (and potentially negative stories by the left-wing media) off other GOP candidates around the country.

I liken her role to that of Oliver North in ‘94: the media obsessed with embarrassing him, that it deflected criticism from other candidates, who successfully flew under the radar to win.

This move, though, looks like they think they might lose:) But perhaps they’re just taking no chances.

Wouldn’t it be a huge BFD embarrassment if they lost both the Obama and Biden Senate seats:)