Jim Geraghty would tell us if he could:

And then, sometimes my day includes exchanges like this:

Reliable GOP Source: Hey, you can’t print this, but we just had a poll come back saying that [House Democrat who everybody figured was pretty safe] is down 20.

Me: Well, that’s swell. But why can’t I use this?

Reliable GOP Source: We don’t think the Democrats know this guy is this much trouble, so we don’t want to tip them off.

Me: Well, thank you for sharing really cool information that I cannot share with readers.

Reliable GOP Source: I thought it might be helpful with you determining which challengers to watch. While it would be great to have you break this news, I think it’s more useful to us to keep the Democrats in the dark.

I’ll give you a hint, DCCC. This incumbent is bigger than a bread box.

Hmmmm. I guess that rules out Dennis Kucinich?