Are women more conservative?:)

Depends on your definition:) A look at the gender gap and what’s driving it. TWS.

Apropos, the Independent Women’s Forum column in The Daily Caller: Stiletto Nation: a new agenda for women

Meanwhile, the president teams up with his radical nannies to go after the “women vote”:

President Obama focuses on women in the economy during his visit today to Seattle. It’s part of a four-day campaign swing through five states in which Obama is urging voters to help Democrats maintain control of the U.S. House and Senate.

The trip comes at a time when Democrats are struggling with the womens’ vote, a key part of their constituency.

As our colleague Mimi Hall writes in USA TODAY:

Female voters, once a reliable force for Democrats, are roughly split this fall between the Democrats and Republicans running for Congress and governor. Recent Gallup polling, assuming a traditional turnout for a midterm election, finds that Republicans are favored by female likely voters, 49% to 46%.

And Michelle harvests sweet potatoes. But is it enough?