From the “how’s that working out for you” files: Halloween edition

I was looking for a few ideas for a Halloween post and I happened upon  this post, “Best Political Halloween Costume.” The post was old, dating way back back to the days before the country elected Barack Obama president. *Sigh* Hope and change fever was still rampant, which led to the creation of a simple costume that looked like this:

Which brings me to a pertinent question:



Hmm, which of Obama’s incredible economic policies made Halloween, or anything for that matter, more affordable?  Maybe this guy got one of those magical shovel-ready jobs.


Assuming few of us are reaping the benefits of Obamanomics, here is a simple solution for those who still can’t afford a Halloween costume.  Follow the instructions provided by creator of the above-pictured masterpiece and create your own political t-shirt/costume:

Photoshop + Printer + Wilton t shirt iron-on paper = political message


See you at the big party in West Hollywood! Happy Halloween!


A quickie cell phone shot of the shirt in action, which already got me some dirty looks from the old white people at CostCo. Seriously, people. Ease up with the racism!

Wow, had that racism thing ready to go didn’t he?  Notice too, the faulty liberal math at work here.  Since when do Photoshop + printer + Wilton t-shirt iron-on paper add up to a political message.  Shouldn’t the equation read Photoshop + printer + Wilton t-shirt iron-on paper + catchy political message = clever Halloween costume?  Silly Progressives!


There is a Halloween challenge brewing somewhere in here, I fear.  Feel free to leave your “catchy political message” in the comments if you are so inspired.  The winner gets an all expenses paid trip to 7-11; the Slurpee is on me.


Happy Halloween

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