Quote of the Day

But first a little news: Little ol’ me has been asked to be a front-page contributor at Peach Pundit, Georgia’s largest political blog. No more lurking about in the comments. I’m very excited, especially for the exposure in my home state!

Now onto the QotD, courtesy of Jason at PP,

“Alan Powell, Bob Hanner & Gerald Greene switched parties for a reason. The ‘Democratic Tent’ in GA has become so small it can not cover even those in it. Harsh yes, but someone has to say it. Many wavering Dems feel excluded by the narrow message. If elected officials feel comfortable switching, imagine how easy it will be for voters. It is called political science for a reason and it is time for wholesale change in the DPG.” – Carol Porter

(Disclaimer: Carol Porter lost her bid for Lt. Governor to the despicable incumbent. She was the only Democrat I voted for in this election cycle. )