Sarah Palin brings star power to my backyard

Sarah Palin spent the day here in my neck of the woods yesterday, bringing her considerable star power and enthusiasm as she helped to raise money for a local Christian school. I was fortunate to be able to attend Palin’s speech as the guest of a friend who teaches drama at the school. It was an exciting night. Palin spent ample time discussing the role of faith in public life and stressed the importance of educating the younger generations on civics to preserve American exceptionalism and love of liberty. The press coverage, however, focused on Palin’s teaser of an opening comment:

After an alumnus of the private school, north of Doylestown in Bucks County, finished an uplifting performance of “God Bless America,” she coyly asked him, “Would you like to sing that at an Inauguration?”

Read the rest at Ruby Slippers. I have pictures, video and a lengthy post on her speech as well as commentary on the subsequent coverage of the speech by the press.