Schoen and Caddell Ask For the Impossible

Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell have written a very interesting piece for WaPo. Both men are democrats from the days of yore when being a democrat was still synonymous with being patriotic and supporting fiscal responsibility and denouncing socialism and communism, so it’s not surprising that their appeal to Obama to announce that he will not run for reelection in 2012 includes the following:

This is a critical moment for the country. From the faltering economy to the burdensome deficit to our foreign policy struggles, America is suffering a widespread sense of crisis and anxiety about the future. Under these circumstances, Obama has the opportunity to seize the high ground and the imagination of the nation once again, and to galvanize the public for the hard decisions that must be made. The only way he can do so, though, is by putting national interests ahead of personal or political ones.

And there’s the problem, Obama has shown again and again that he has no allegiance to America or to her national interests; indeed, he has repeatedly, relentlessly shown that the only allegiance he truly holds is to his over-inflated, baseless view of himself as an outstanding human specimen, truly gifted and better in every conceivable way than any other human being.

Who can forget his bizarre declaration that no one on the left need worry about a repeat of Clinton’s 1994 losses because democrats have one thing now that they didn’t have then: him. Or as I guess that should be “Him.” And who can forget his assurance that placing him at the helm of the most powerful nation in the world will be looked back on as “the moment that the rise of the oceans began to slow and the planet began to heal.” This is not a man who will put the best interests of the nation, let alone his party, ahead of his own.