Obama, Respectable Conservatives, and The Smart Kids’ Club

Jack Cashill offers some fresh insight into the mindset of Obama, his koolaid slurping fan clubs, and the “respectable” conservative media:

Some of the juicier excerpts:

Obama found his game once he hit the mainland, but he had to know that he was flying high only on diversity’s wings. Last [Jonathan Last who wrote last week’s, I’m betting, most-read conservative article “American Narcissus“] does not get this. In recounting Obama’s glide through the worlds of law, literature, academics, and politics, Last accuses Obama not of fraud, but of vanity.

This is something that “regular” Americans understood quite some time ago, many even before the 2008 election. The legendary, bigger than life, better than everyone Obama and what we were seeing and hearing just didn’t add up, something was “off,” even if we weren’t quite sure what it was.

Back to Cashill:

In easily the best moment on the otherwise-unwatchable new CNN show “Parker Spitzer,” documentarian John Ziegler confronted the RCM [respectable conservative media] princess on her pre-election affection for the would-be president. “You were duped by the media,” said the charming pit bull Ziegler.

“No, I’m not going to say I was duped,” said Parker, but of course, she was — if not by the media, then by her own blithering self-esteem. Like so many on the respectable right, she envisioned Obama in the same smart kids’ club in which she saw herself.

[snip snip]

Respectable conservatives allowed themselves to be deceived much as their liberal counterparts were, but without the excuse of political self-interest. For conservatives, the interest has always been personal. By welcoming Obama into their club — and, in the same spirit, by keeping Sarah Palin out — they differentiated themselves from their red-blooded allies in what [Kathleen] Parker dismissed pre-election as “the right-wing blogosphere.”

Intellectual snobbery, is not, after all, the sole province of the left.  Cashill’s final paragraph brings the point home with amusing analogy:

To preserve their respectability, respectable conservatives have chosen to ignore what the blogosphere reports. As a result, when they look at Obama, they still see Michael Jordan and wonder why he is off his game. Out in the blogosphere, we see Stuart Smalley and wonder when the breakdown comes.

Read the whole thing.

The problem with Obama’s incompetence is not that Obama has suddenly, magically become incompetent but that he’s been incompetent all along. And the problem for respectable conservatives (i.e. those who set themselves above the unwashed blogosphere masses) is that to admit this may lead to uncomfortable questions about their smart kids’ club.