Sticky Wiki Morality

No Sheeples has covered the subject admirably in the previous two posts. Victor Davis Hanson explores the man-child playing god that is Julian Assange.

The closest I can come to judging this lack of morality play is in the context of school board meetings. The agenda was online, the attachment packet could be picked up a few days in advance, the meetings were on cable, and there was room for public comment. The board retired to the back room only to discuss personnel issues.

And there still could be incredible rancor.

It is very telling that the Obama administration is only now getting exercised about this all legally when diplomats and their administration’s cover is being blown. It was pretty much OK for our military and friends in Iraq and Afghanistan to be exposed–you know when actual lives, not reputations were at stake.

But why are we surprised by the dangerous, yes dangerous vanity of this presidency.