Oh Jeb, say it ain’t so

It’s one thing for liberals to perpetuate myths about Arizona’s immigration law.  It’s another entirely for a possible GOP contender to make statements like this:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said if his children walked the streets of Phoenix they might look awfully suspicious to police. His wife, Columba, is from Mexico.

Really?  If they “walked the streets,” eh?  Do they look like they might be prostitutes thus giving cops probable cause to stop and ask them for papers?
If I were driving 30 mph over the speed limit in Arizona, I would be asked to produce my driver’s license and registration, no?  And if that’s the case, why should it be any different for anyone else?  If by some chance that person didn’t have a driver’s license and registration–oh, gasp! shock! because he or she were here illegally–then it’s appropriate to ask. 

Jeb and others were in Denver discussing the possibility of Colorado’s adoption of a law similar to Arizona’s, though  I doubt it will happen with Hickenlooper headed into the Governor’s mansion.