Memo to M.O. Please M.Y.O.B.

Memo to M.O.  please M.Y.O.B. or at least M.Y.O.B. about my daughter’s BMI. 

As a mother of a child who struggles with weight and whom I encourage to exercise, to eat right and to make good choices, you’re right, it’ hard but it’s my job and I do it out of love for her, not anything else. It’s not your job or your business. 

I don’t want your free advice or your paid for expertise.  I have a pediatrician and I know how to read, cook and teach.  We’ll manage.  

What this country suffers from is your fundamental lack of trust in our capacity to do anything without your imput.  We can’t leave education up to the parents. We can’t leave feeding up to the parents.  How much longer before we can’t leave parenting at all, up to the parents? 

Just surrender your offspring to the State, (Peter Singer will determine if they are Spartan worthy) and get back to working so you can pay your taxes.  Don’t worry, they’ll be JUST fine.  It’s better for them and it’s less stress on you.  We’re from the government, we’re here to help and you know… we’ll take good care of them.