Please Pray for Andrew Lawton (update)

Andrew is absolutely amazing as many of you probably already know.  He’s a Canadian conservative powerhouse (Strictly Right) and true dear, full of wit and wisdom that far exceeds his years.  Now, though, he’s seriously ill and in hospital.  You can get updates from Girl on the Right (also on twitter: @RightGirl )

Andrew’s Twitter: @AndrewLawton


From Girl on the Right:

I just spoke with Andrew’s brother. Andrew is still mechanically dependent, and the machines had to be turned up again today. Not to worry, apparently, because it’s natural for the body’s strength to fluctuate.

For those of you asking about flowers, this is what I found out from the hospital:

No flowers are permitted in ICU, but cards are welcomed by the family:

Andrew Lawton, Patient
Victoria Hospital, Critical Care Unit
800 Commissioners Road East
London, Ontario
Canada N6A 5W9

The family has started a separate Facebook page, because they do not have access to his passwords. The link is here. Please show your support. The family will attempt to provide updates, but their schedule is rather harried, as you would expect. Keep checking in with myself here and on Twitter (@RightGirl).

Please continue to pray for this amazing young man (only 23) who blazed trails with the Canadian Tea Party and who worked to bring Ann Coulter to Canada.  He’s funny and wise and wonderful, and it breaks my heart that he is in critical condition.