Daniels Keeps the Door Open for 2012

The Republican governor of Indiana took a break from shoveling snow to talk with WLS Don and Roma this morning (Audio). He blasted the $1.2 TRILLION omnibus spending bill Dems want to cram through, and while noting earmarks are only a small portion of the federal budget, pointed out he had objected to them early on when he had served as W’s budget director nearly 10 years ago. They were just picking up steam then and we’ve seen the abuse, attaching them to PIGS of bills as sweeteners to push bad legislation through.

Daniels went on to say he thinks many people may not realize how close this country is to Niagara with all the spending and debt we’re piling on. Asked about the TEA party, he was positive–a grassroots group that raises a little hell on behalf of freedom and the tax payers is all to the good.

Indiana has seen new private sector job growth during this recession–Governor Daniels spoke of creating a great business climate with low taxes and trimming job-killing regulation.

Asked about 2012–the answer is if people are still interested check back in 4 months or so.

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