Hey, What Happened to Fixing our Image Around the World?

Much was made of the image of the U.S. while President Bush was in office.  A constant narrative was how much our reputation was damaged by the cowboy nature of President Bush, and Uncle Obammy was going to fix all that.  He was going to make America loved again around the world. 

Apparently not so much, at least where the British Royals are concerned.  The invite list for the wedding of Prince William to his princess to be, Kate Middleton has been released.  The Obama’s name isn’t among the invited. While they did choose to get married in a much smaller church than did his parents, it does hold 2,000 guests.  The United Kingdom has been one of most staunchest allies for a very long time now. 

Could it the Ipod he gave to the queen?  Or maybe it was the dvd’s he gave to PM Brown that wouldn’t work in Britain.  Or did the faux pas Michelle Obama made by putting her arm around the queen do it?  I guess you could also throw in the snub of returning the bust of Winston Churchill by the president in there as well. 

It seems very unusual that an event like this wouldn’t include a representative of the United States.  Royal sources has told the British papers that this is going to be a wedding for regular folk.  I guess that means they think of the Sarkozy’s, the French first couple, just regular folk.  Maybe the Carla Brunni will share her photos with Michelle, who knows.

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