The (In)Tolerant Left

There are some videos making the rounds from a protest at a Koch brothers conservative event.  In these videos their are people asking for revolution like what is happening in Egypt and some went as far as to say that Justice Thomas should be lynched, although the exact phrasing was “string him up”.  As most people know Justice Thomas is a black man.  I have used the term string him up on more than occasion, but I don’t think that I have used it about a black person.  There is visual there that is all to reminiscent of our ugly past with the KKK in south.  But, I would guess that since most liberals don’t consider Justice Thomas a black man anyway the woman didn’t think about it in that fashion. 

I was reading an article last night on Elton John’s interview with Rolling Stone magazine.  Politico was talking about the section of the interview that deals with his performance at the wedding of Rush Limbaugh.  The article in and of itself is harmless and more gossip than anything else.  Apparently Elton seems to have a mutual respect for Rush and was very happy to report that Rush was one of the first people to call and wish him well after the birth of his son.  Elton also explained that Rush invited his partner to the wedding and told him his view on gay marriage had nothing to do with gay people. 

Oddly, my view is even more far right than Rush.  Rush is willing to go along with civil unions.  From my point of view the difference is semantics.  But, be that as it may that isn’t the point of my post here.  What I found fascinating were the comments underneath the article.   When it came to Elton they ranged from him being an idiot to being broke enough that he needed the money (allegedly, he was paid a million dollars to play the wedding) and went as far to say that Elton is “closet conservative” (horror of horrors).  Besides calling him an idiot they were pretty tame.  Then comes the comments about Rush.  You have to love these:

Rush Limbaugh is a hateful, odious man and Elton must have REALLY needed the money. Shame on him for selling his soul to the devil.

Hey repubs. there may be another side to rush, married four times , Is rush hiding something?

Rush Limbaugh is a high school grad who thinks he is an intellectual. Instead, he is a demagogue who gained power, popularity, and wealth by arousing the emotions and prejudices of poorly-educated, narrow-minded, easily-frightened, bigoted people. Like the other weallthy demagogues, Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, et al, he has never served in the military or served his God or country in any way. Spreading lies, half-truths, and propaganda, he and his ilk rather than being “a true savior of America” have done as much harm as all the current American hate-mongering organizations like the KKK, white supremists, tea party, etc., combined. Paid a million dollars for a wedding gig might influence one’s viewpoint. Nobody has ever looked to Elton John for moral guidance, statemanship, or spirituality despite his musical talent.

A clear indication that Limbaugh is a closet gay. The worst gay bashers almost always are.


More proof Limbaugh loves to grab his ankles and pray god for forgiveness.

What a hypocrite, Limbaugh needs to come out of the closet this is getting embarrassing.

Two queers in a pod

 Elton is just another self loathing gay person just like the log cabin repups. 

Now, as I said above I am against gay marriage.  But, that doesn’t mean I am against gay people, nor does it mean that I am a closeted lesbian.  Nothing personal to anyone gay reading this, but it doesn’t do for me.  Why does the “enlightened” left always go for the personal?  If they are truly that enlightened why would they call someone as “closeted gay”?  It only goes to show that they are the ones who are saying there is something wrong with it.  What Rush and I are objecting to is the changing the definition of an institution that has been around for centuries.  I have friends who are gay.  I genuinely like them.  I don’t want to hear about what they do in their bedroom and I don’t tell them what happens in mine. It is private.  I remember working for this man some years back.  He is an atheist who told me that my Christian beliefs were silly and he honestly didn’t understand my friendship with Norman and Ken; who both happen to be gay.  I told him that just because I am against gay marriage it doesn’t mean that I want all gay people gathered up and gassed.  I don’t get what is so hard to understand about that.  It isn’t the person, I don’t judge people based on who they happen to have sex with, that is God’s responsibility and it is their soul. 

I am considered intolerant because I am a conservative.  Yet conservatives are the ones that get called “closeted gay”, race traitor, and heaven forbid if someone doesn’t have a college education, they are just plain ol’ idiots.  Is it really me that someone’s sexuality, race, or education level matters to?  I am so tired of hearing that the hate comes from the right.  Am I truly being told by the “tolerant left” that I am not allowed to be friends with someone who is liberal?  Because from these comments it certainly sounds like I am.  Believe it or not, I actually talk to people who don’t agree with me.  It isn’t that hard, give it a try sometime.