“Infected” by Christian values?

At the Corner, Paul Diamond, counsel in the case of UK parents deemed unfit to foster children by virtue of their mainstream Christian beliefs (my post here) provides the rest of the story.

Are Children ‘Infected’ by Judeo-Christian Values?

The state-sponsored Equality and Human Rights Commission intervened and argued that it was the duty of the state to protect vulnerable children from becoming “infected” with Judeo-Christian values of sexual morality.

The rest is history, and in a startling judgment, the High Court held last Monday that the United Kingdom is a secular state and that Christianity as part of the law is “mere rhetoric.” For Americans to note, the United Kingdom is formally a Christian state with the Queen as the head of the Church of England.

The court made a series of statements to the effect that rights of sexual orientation trump religious freedom, that a local authority can require positive attitudes to be demonstrated towards homosexuality, that the Johns’ traditional Christian views could conflict with the “duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of looked after children,” and finally that Article 9 (Europe’s pale reflection of the First Amendment) does not protect beliefs contrary to the interests of the child.

Mr. Diamond discusses the speed with which the UK has reached this point and hopes the US will learn from his country’s experience. Read the whole thing.