A Serious Note About Michelle Obama’s Fashion Influence (via Cripes Suzette)

Cripes Suzette has a great post about real world observations vs media hype about Michelle Obama’s alleged status as a “trend setting fashion icon”. Honestly, I can’t say that I see anyone in my area sporting boob belts or any of the other “fashion statements” made by Mrs. Obama.

A Serious Note About Michelle Obama's Fashion Influence As you know, I spend a good deal of time hanging around airports in various parts of the country. Because of this, I have a pretty good idea of what fashion trends among real people are and are going to be. Think about it – you see representation from far-flung geographical points of origin, all ages, all income levels, all career/job types, all elasticities, all fashion IQ levels.  And most people are wearing something they bought fairly recentl … Read More

via Cripes Suzette