Those Multiple Dads

Actual MSNBC header: 1 in 5 US moms have kids with multiple dads, study says

Comment via LucianneI am not aware of any kid that has a multiple dad

April foolery aside, this kind of news keeps getting worse and worse.

Growing up in a big, Catholic family I remember my mom commenting on some sneering in a Beatrix Potter book about large and improvident families. Ah yes, we were the irresponsible ones, breeding like bunnies.

So in these days of popping birth control pills and hopping in and out of bed who is having the large “families”? Who is really being irresponsible? Isn’t the government aiding and abetting child abuse?

And will the left ever admit this? Some glimmer of understanding:

An important message that doesn’t appear to be getting through is just how hard it is to raise a child as a single parent.

Well, duh, you know maybe Dan Quayle was right about Murphy Brown. Maybe if the Left hadn’t spent the last generation or two glorifying single motherhood and bashing family values we wouldn’t be seeing destructive stats like these.