What Was She Thinking? CA GOP Committee Member Goes Way Too Far

I don’t know what this woman was thinking.  Marilyn Davenport is a committee member of the Orange Country Republicans.  If this is how the California GOP behaves they will never get anywhere.  All this woman has done is to allow the continuing meme that republicans are racist and intolerant.  She has hurt every republican with this nonsense. 

 She actually has made the entire situation worse by saying she isn’t racist because she has black friends.  Really?  How exactly do they feel about your portrayal of a black man as a chimp? 

 There is a big difference between disagreeing about policy and doing something like this.  Ms. Davenport needs to resign immediately.  There is no excuse for it.  Not only does this smack of racism her inability to see it as such says a great deal about what type of person she is and her thought process.  While it is very possible that she isn’t a racist, she is completely blind to how this would be viewed and interpreted.