A matter of degree

Women surpassed men over a decade ago in getting bachelor’s degrees. Now it’s post-graduate.

On the face of it, fine.

But the story touts the wonderful opportunity for men to be Mr. Mom. This is a feminist leftie take on the stats.

If you’re going to take that tack, given men’s underemployment in the mancession, shouldn’t this be a cause for concern? I mean, men might want choice too.

The other issue is just what kind of learning is going on in some of our schools anyway? (See previous post for just one example. Here’s another. Here’s another and another.)

We’re paying a lot, or our kids are. Some call it a higher education bubble.

With this economy, what kind of jobs do we especially need for the future, to be able to compete in the world economy?

Women still trail men in professional subcategories such as business, science and engineering.

It’s a matter of degree.