Femisoygnists: The Women Scorned . . . By Women

I was responding to an excellent post [here] at Potluck by our fellow conservative blogger Just A Conservative Girl, and I went on and on.  And on.  So I thought it would be better to simply use that response, expanded a bit, as a post.  While the point of JACG’s post was more to do with the way our society has made “disposable” the idea and sacrament of marriage, my hackles were raised by the part about a Marie Claire (who reads that crap?  Stacy McCain, apparently.  Well, good on him, more men should read magazines whose target audience is women.) article about how women are hoodwinked by fairy tales of Prince Charming and movies about love conquering all and assorted “happily ever after” tales of romantic love.   This is a typical leftist lie, fostered, fomented, and foisted upon women (and men) who dare support traditional gender roles as a matter of choice.

The disposable spouse mentality is a direct result of femisogynists hammering away at traditional gender roles, not with the idea of expanding their scope to make acceptable all sorts of life and career choices for women but with the direct and sole goal of eliminating the woman’s traditional roles.  This is why they attack and belittle women who choose Christian marriages, prefer to be stay-at-home moms, want to fulfill some or part of the traditional roles for women.  They don’t want women to have this choice, and they hold the women who do in utter contempt, accusing them of being brainwashed or otherwise impaired.  Any woman who chooses a traditional female role in the family or society can only be misguided, deluded, and brainwashed.   A thoughtless creature, really, for succumbing to the influence of a misogynist patriarchy.

Is the irony of this indictment lost on them?  Oh, yes, a thousand times yes.

Femisogyny is not about, and never was about, women’s equality or women’s right to choose her own path.  Women are too stupid and may choose the wrong path, a traditional path that doesn’t conform to the femisogynists’ idea of egalitarianism.  If you don’t want to be a butch man- and woman-hater, then there’s clearly something wrong with you.  They want traditional gender role choices for women gone.  Completely.  And to that end, their methodology has long been to attack anything and everything that fosters, romanticizes, or otherwise depicts these roles in a positive light (up to, including, perhaps especially, Judeo-Christian traditions).

Rather than choosing to educate women about myriad choices, they target, demonize, and seek to destroy completely any concept of traditional womanhood. If these femisogynists really cared about women and women’s choices, they’d seek ways to add to the “woman’s sphere,” but they don’t.  Instead, they’ve chosen a path that explicitly belittles, cattily attacks, and brutally diminishes any woman who chooses a traditional role/s for herself.

Feminists, the real ones who sought, fought for, and died for the right for women to vote, own property, etc., would be utterly appalled by this misogynistic band of hyenas who call themselves “feminists” but who actually loathe women and seek to diminish them at every turn.  Those first feminists were intent upon freeing women from being boxed in, being told there was something wrong with them if they didn’t feel maternal or if they felt no desire to keep house or to carry out traditional women’s roles as wife, mother, and helpmate.  These early feminists never intended that there be no other choice but to live their life as pseudo-men, draped in bitterness, envy, and hate, crowned with a sense of superiority and sneering disdain for women who prefer, by choice, to be wives, mothers, helpmates in a more traditional sense.  These early feminists, the real ones, didn’t belittle women who chose to be wives, homemakers, mothers; they simply tried to forge a path for those who didn’t find fulfillment in these roles.

But for today’s femisogynists, it’s still about putting women in a box–but one of their choosing, and then insisting that everyone conform, using the same bullying, belittling, and “othering” tactics that they claim to disparage when used against women by a “patriarchal society.”  Femisogyny is about tearing down, not building up. It’s about shutting doors, not opening them.  It’s about destroying women, hating them, not restoring them and loving them.  It’s about alienating and ridiculing women, not embracing and supporting them.

They say there is nothing worse than a woman scorned, and to femisogynists, there is no one more deserving of scorn than real women who reject their agenda of hate and disunity, of disdain and loathing for other women who refuse to be put into a box in the name of “women’s rights.”  Femisogynists lash out in hatred and condemnation at any woman who refuses to be packaged, labeled, shelved, and marketed in their image.  Our unwillingness to accept this ironic and deeply-flawed thinking makes us the target of their scorn, for no one, no one, feels more scorned than the femisogynist faced with a strong woman who not only chooses but happily embraces one or more of the traditional female gender roles.