Dana, Lost in Adoration

Someone check the liturgical calendar.  The Washington Post thinks it is Advent.  That’s the only explanation for the column today: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/obama-lost-in-thought/2011/04/26/AF0FrwsE_story.html?hpid=z3 by Dana Milbanks.  That or the piece was supposed to be in their religion column, On Faith. 

Dana clearly wants us to stop all this complaining over pesky things like an unexplained mission in Libya, the skyrocketing debt/deficit spending, 5$ gas and unemployment that remains at over 9%.  If only these peasants would recognize how great a grace it is   to have him at the nation’s helm.

We’ve heard this purple prose before, Obama as sort of and then actually a God, Obama as the chosen one, as the healer of the nation and indeed the world, as the (Insert glorious praise here) who suffers tragically from the fact that some of us don’t get him because we’re too stupid.  We’re the idiots who have the unmitigated gall to want lower taxes and think spending more than we have in perpetuity is not a smart fiscal policy for any entity, let alone a nation that wants to remain free.  But we’re the ones who are not serious.

We don’t understand his nuancedness; we don’t live in the high theoretical world of our commander-in-chief where we can pontificate about living within our means doing important things while spending hand over fist (6.85 million per minute) and jetting from DC to Chicago to New York for a taping with Oprah and then three fundraisers. 

Hell, we don’t buy the right cars or eat the right foods.  We’re like those awkward teens that just don’t get how to act in high school, or Eliza Dolittle before Henry Higgins has showered her with his gifts.  We’re not smartity smart like Sir Smartness and his knights of the Post, Times and MSM who know so much better.  If we were as smartity smart, we’d ponder the way our POTUS ponders, we’d decide as our POTUS decides.  We’d agree with the POTUS if he chose Pepsi over Coke, if he favored butter over oil, and paper over plastic.  We just need to have more Faith!   We  need to believe as Krugman and Dana obviously believe, that we need to spend more, legislate more, and that all our ills stem from anything other than current fiscal policy. 

If we just rolled over and TRUSTED Him with our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor, Utopia would emerge from our President’s head fully formed. And all we have to do is read Dana Milbanks and like him, BELIEVE. that with a bit of…Faith…trust, (all our money) and pixie dust…