Ten Pet Peeves About “Green” Commandments

Came home from work to see a new electric lawn mower. Not thrilled to see it as the cords get cut and they lack power and never seem to do a good job. My spouse tells me this one has more power than the rechargeables and got through the tall grass when he used it. I am sure one of us will slice through the cord, tho. But I know why my spouse got it. He had just got a new lawn mower last year. Gas powered. It was dead by this spring. Ethanol did it in. Which got me thinking about some of the things green jerks have forced on us that do a bad job, cost us more and make life more difficult (and don’t really do that much for the environment anyway). So here’s my current list:

1) Gas with ethanol (destroys small engines, reduces miles per gallon, reduces power of engines, actually is worse for environment than regular gas, results in higher food costs because corn is being used for fuel, promotes misery in Third World and promotes revolution and terrorism.

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