Michelle’s Glistening Biceps Score One for the Team

Action figure.

When we got OBL I was inclined to be kind to the Prez, but no more. Too much inconsistency at home and abroad. The Muslim Brotherhood and his old Chicago neighborhood loom largeThreats continue and are dealt with despite Obama’s sometime presidency.

All he knows how to do is campaign in the most shallow and cynical way. And he’s not alone.

Major hypocrisy and brain crampery on the left.

Oh, and Michelle is soooo cool.

P.S. ABC. Barack Obama’s Grandmother Threatened By Al Qaeda:

Al Shabaab, which has been involved in fierce fighting in Somalia for years against the Western-backed government, counts among its members Alabama-raised Omar Hammami, also known as Abu Mansur al-Amriki or The American. Hammami, who is known to produce pro-jihadist hip hop songs, was thought to have been killed in fighting earlier this year, but reappeared by releasing a new rap song in April.

Perhaps the White House poetry showcase will inspire…a new jihadist.

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