Blogger/Blogspot Blackout

I’m sure by now that most of you have noticed that Blogger/Blogspot blogs have been non-functional going on two days now. I suspect there will be a lot of new WordPress blogs starting up now, here’s mine:


I used the new blog to blog about the Blogger blackout here:

The Great Blogger/Blogspot Outage

Feel free to come back here to comment, if you like.

I’ll still be using the Zilla blog when Blogger fixes their stuff, I’m fortunate to have not posted anything new there since Wednesday, because they removed all posts and comments from everybody’s blogs posted after Wednesday morning. No word yet on if they’ll put them back. I had been thinking of starting a new WordPress blog for a while anyway, so this seemed like a good time to do it, there are a lot of neat features that Blogger doesn’t offer, but I’m a little out of my element on WordPress when it comes to design so the new place is a work in progress. I’m a little confused over how to do the widgets and blogroll.

So if you are a Blogspot blogger or your favorite blogs are hosted there, how have you weathered the outage? Will you be looking into other platforms as well?

UPDATE: As of 1:05 PM, it looks like Blogger is back up & running – at least at my place, anyway.