Things That Make You Say Hmm

Today I went horseback riding.  Not an activity that I normally would like to partake in, but nonetheless, I went along for the ride.  The horse didn’t seem to like me much, and basically pushed me off.  Not a good thing for someone who has weak bones due to almost a year of chemotherapy.  The guy at the barn told me that he was one of the most gentle horses that they have and he has never seen him do that to anyone else.  So hours later I got to thinking about Cass Sunstein’s belief that animals should be able to sue a human who harms them.  If he has his way, I could be going to court soon because I upset this horse enough that he threw me off.  Well, it is now official I will never go horseback riding again.

As many of you know, I live in the DC metro area – parts of which are progressive central.  Shortly after my horse incident I was at a local mall.  While standing in line at Aunt Annie’s to get some pretzels, I was showing the little guy a video from my IPad.  It was the Naval Academy cadets throwing their hats in the air after graduation and the crowds of people running up to grab one as a souvenir. For some reason he found this very funny and kept asking me to play it again.  I guess it started annoying the lady behind me.  Actually, I think my Freedom Works T-shirt was what really annoyed her.  She turned to me and said

I thought you people (much emphasis on you people) hate people living off the government.   Why do you think it is ok for them to get a free education?  The rest of us don’t get one. 

My reply:

Lady,  I have no problem giving an education to people who are going to spend a minimum of five years defending this country for a pretty paltry paycheck.  There are three wars going on right now and many of those young people will be heading off to those war zones.  When they entered the academy they knew that and did it anyway.  Some of them will not make it home.  If we are going to ask someone to stand up and defend this country the very least I can do is make sure that they are educated and trained at the highest level.  Why exactly do you have a problem with giving them an education?  I get this feeling that you would rather see the money go to people who will have little to no appreciation of it.  Why exactly is that? 

She left in a huff.  So sad, too bad.  I felt so much better after that.  It amazes me how much better I feel when I get a chance to snark at some liberal.