Two for Life

Recently, Steven Tyler expressed remorse for the abortion of his son that he coerced his young then girlfriend to undergo many years ago. The would be mother of that child also deeply regrets it, and she has broken her decades long silence on the matter. Julia Holcomb is now a married woman with seven children, a Catholic convert and strongly pro-life. Her story is heartbreaking and deeply moving – truly a must read:

The Light of the World – the Steven Tyler and Julia Holcomb story

Steven watched the baby come out and he told me later, when we were in New Hampshire, that it had been born alive and allowed to die.  (I was not allowed to see the baby when it was delivered.) Steven told me later that it had been a boy and that he now felt terrible guilt and a sense of dread over what he had done.  I did not know that such a thing could be legal.  I could not imagine a world where a tiny baby could be born alive and tossed aside as worthless without ever seeing his mother’s face.   Read the whole thing

Over at my place, there is a new post about how our society throws life away, the pressure to abort even wanted babies, (something I learned a little bit about firsthand) and the eugenics genocide of the disabled and even those who only might be disabled:

Don’t Throw Away the Future

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