She’s come a long way, baby

Jim Geraghty on the new Sarah Palin film:

Before the screening, Bannon mentioned that I and other political reporters were about to watch the “X-rated version,” as opposed to a “XXX-rated version” that he envisions being released on DVD someday. Within the first four minutes, the reason for that cryptic remark was clear, and the X rating is well deserved: The worst sneers, insults, and furious denunciations from Palin’s enemies are presented in their original language, sans any bleeps. (A version in theaters is likely to bleep out the worst ones.) The F word and the C word make multiple appearances. What’s remarkable is that the acidic comments from comedians such as David Letterman, Joan Rivers, Rosie O’Donnell, and Tracey Morgan aren’t really jokes. There’s no punch line per se; calling Palin “slutty” or a “whore,” or offering some other (usually sexual) insult, apparently is supposed to be the punch line.

Their hatred for Palin is palpable. Again you might ask, as Matt Archbold did recently in another context, where are the feminists? If they had any principles, or courage, they’d be defending her against misogynistic attacks and embracing her as a role model.



Put a cigarette in her hand and you’d have a ready-made Virginia Slims ad.

(Taken from this post.)