Catching Up

I haven’t been around much lately, my favorite kitty cat passed away last Saturday after a few terrible days where I knew the end was coming and it really hit me hard. But I’ve got a few things up at my place, as I try to keep my head away from my own sad thoughts and I’d like to share them with you in case you missed them.

The trial against anti-jihad hero Geert Wilders ended and the verdict will be rendered on June 23rd. You can read his closing remarks HERE.

Ann Barnhardt, she of the YouTube bacon bookmarked koran burning fame has an interesting theory as to what may really be motivating The Donald.

There was a big hubbub over pop star Rihanna’s latest music video, but the critics have got it all wrong.

As the genocide holocaust of Christians in the Middle East rages on, and the world looks the other way, I’ve found a new venue to try to raise awareness of their plight, it is a social networking site dedicated to honest discussion of issues in the Middle East sans leftist media bias.

Speaking of atrocities against Christians, in Pakistan, after two Christian girls were abducted for forced conversion to islam and polygamous marriage to their captor, their father went to the police for help and they told him to, “Forget your daughters”.

And now for a little good news:  I’ve joined the effort for Troopathon to help support our troops and hopefully get lots of care packages sent to them! I am on the Anti-Jihadists team (of course).

I’ve still got a lot of catching up to do, but besides housework (which I’d prefer to continue avoiding) it mostly involves visiting everyone else’s blogs to fill up on all the awesomeness that I may have missed.

Please feel free to comment about any of the above links here at Potluck, if you like.