And You Are A Democrat Why?

Today I was out doing some canvassing for Tito Munoz’s senate campaign. I was sitting at a local grocery store that happens to have WiFi and looking up some addresses on Mapquest. The restaurant section was pretty full and this man asked if he could sit at my table. Of course it was no big deal to me, I was not doing anything with state secrets or anything. For some reason the man felt like he needed to have a conversation with me.

He made a joke and asked me if I was a tax assessor because I had a clipboard of addresses. I said no worse, I was doing work for the upcoming elections for the state legislator. He asked me if the candidate was a minority or not. I said as matter of fact yes he is. I told him that Tito is a naturalized citizen who was born and raised in Columbia. We got to talking about politics and I told him that I have gotten very involved since 2008. I think this man assumed that Tito and I are both democrats. I then told him that no we are republicans and conservative republicans at that. He then looked at me and said “oh, you are part of the tea party.”. Why yes we are. This man happened to be a minority as well, a black man. He told me that he would never vote for a republican because they don’t care about him. I asked him where he was from and he wasn’t in Tito’s district, matter fact he was from Maryland, so I figured I could say what I wanted to say without affecting anything as he didn’t recognize Tito’s name.

So I explained to him my insight into the black community as it is and asked him some questions.

1. Are you a religious man and regular church goer. Yes he is.

2. Are you against gay marriage on religious beliefs. Yes he is.

3. Wouldn’t you say that if a family is going on third or fourth generation living in poverty and public assistance the system has failed them? Yes, I guess so.

4. Shouldn’t a poor black child get a good education? Of course.

5. Shouldn’t the poor black family have access to better schools like richer people? Of course.

6. Would you agree that the high levels of black unemployment have a relationship to the less effective school systems in the poorer communities. I guess so.

7. Would it shock you to learn that the NAACP has sided with the teachers unions in Harlem, NY to keep one of the lowest performing schools in the country open instead of allowing the students to attend a charter school? He doesn’t believe that is true. I assured him it was.

8. Do you think it is fair that public school teachers in New Jersey put in approx. $100K towards benefits and the tax payers pay them almost $1 Million in return. He doesn’t believe that is true. I googled it for him.

9. Do you believe that tax payers should fund abortion? No.

10. Do you understand that the founder of Planned Parenthood was a racist who gave lectures to the KKK and wanted to rid the world of “undesirables? Did you know that she considered blacks undesirables? Did you know that many of the PP clinics are in minority neighborhoods? Do you think that is just happenstance? Did you know that the black community would be almost doubled in size in this country if Roe V. Wade had not become legal in this country. He was dumbfounded.

 My final question was You vote for the democrats why? He didn’t have an answer. Will he become a republican. Maybe, maybe not. But I gave him something to think about.

One person at a time is how we will win the fight to get our country back on track. Don’t name call, just ask serious questions and give factual answers. One person at a time.