By now most people know about those crazy…

By now, most people know about those crazy Swedes and their attempt to eliminate gender from language on impressionable children on the theory that language oppresses and causes boys and girls to grow up to be men and women… as verses anything else.

Somehow, every generation prior to this one survived this madness and even turned out legitimately decent sane  people, but when it comes to creating equality in the classroom, there’s only one theory.  It goes like this:

1) Whatever we’ve done before is at its core wrong and dangerous and must be stopped. (This is taken as a given truth. Why? Because someone somewhere felt marginalized and has declared that this was the cause and source).

2) Whatever we substitute must be as much as possible, the opposite of what has been done before.  (No research necessary, the classroom and its moppets are your social guinea pigs, enjoy)!

3) You may predict all good things and the utopia to follow without fear of skepticism, criticism or consequences for poor, ineffective, disastrous or ridiculous results.

4) You will be lauded for your politically correct good intentions and thought process. 

“We could just get to Utopia if everyone would do it our way” thinking is madness.  It is the root of this sort of educational reform, we can eliminate anger and  evil and pain through education if we just teach them young enough what to do.  Oppression from family and language, liberty through state education and the elimination of words from reality –got it.

Deciding that children will be like blocks of marble from which if we’re patient, fully formed beings shall emerge who define and decide their own realities according not to actual facts but their own feelings is a shortcut to how to raise a civilization of narcissists and psychopaths –who define and see the world on their terms only. 

I wish I were simply engaging in hyperbole to make a point, but if a kid thinks 1+4 is 6 until they decide otherwise, why should they ever come to think otherwise?  If a kid comes to believe because he/she has been taught that nothing is but his/her thinking makes it so, (a moral relativist ultimate conclusion, all is mine to define), why should any of these children ever give a damn about anyone else’s desired or perceived or defined reality?  I foresee a lot of hurt feelings when these kids grow enough to run into others who don’t see the world as they do which will be as soon as they go to a non state sponsored playground and meet a less purely raised individual of the same age. 

And how far are these nutjobs at the experimental Egalia willing to take this thought process.  Are they then going to declare use of gender specific language tantamount to hate speech?  Revise “Are You My Mother” to be “Are You Who Gestated Me?”

Here’s a crazy idea for those modern thinkers who come up with this tripe.  Go outside and meet actual people.  There are women lawyers and doctors. There are men who are chefs and artists. This is not the middle ages and most folks, (even toddlers) see male and female role models out there in the world and that is how they come to know what is possible.  They also see that there are men and there are women and omitting language does not do what you intend, rather it simply pretends that what is (gender based on biology) isn’t. 

Final thought for those Swedish avant-garde thinkers of new thinkery, before everyone goes off storm chasing (the kid not being assigned a gender by his/her parents) to create a society peopled with “It’s Pat” clones, maybe we ought to ask why and to what end?