Girl stuff

I found these ravishing retro-style aprons linked at this fun blog. Aren’t they gorgeous? Here’s one of many:

I could never cook in one — it might get it dirty, and it’s a thousand times nicer than anything I’d have on underneath. Love those pearls.

I’m in love with this octagonal house:

 Photo by Mike DiCicco

Two stories about it, here and here. The print edition of the Post had a large photo but failed to put any good ones online. Dummies. I’m happy with my own house, but this is pretty nice:

Outside, a covered porch encircles the house. “I designed that so my grandchildren could ride their tricycles in the rain,” Cooper said.

And that thing on top just under the cupola, called a “belvedere,” (who knew?) is an atrium that fills the whole house with sunlight. How would my garage sale chairs look in there?

Only $15!

Now, who’d like to see my giant coleus?

I bought it at Lowe’s when it was just a baby. The tag said “Kong” as in Kong, King of Koleus. I’m going to root some cuttings before the first frost.