Infantilizing Kids

Happy Meals are already buckling, taking away consumer choice for fear of Big Gov. Now this:

New recommendations from government agencies would require that foods marketed directly to children between the ages of two and 17 contribute to healthy diets.

“We believe that food and beverage companies should market responsibly to kids,” said Susan Davison, director of corporate affairs for Kraft Foods Inc. “But we think the Interagency Working Group proposal is too restrictive. In fact, it’s so restrictive that foods like reduced fat peanut butter or two percent milk string cheese could not be advertised to children.”

Children are now defined as up to age 17, rather than the historic ad industry standard which considered teens differently.

Of course, if this goes through, it will cost jobs.

And undermine parents once again.

The takeaway for me on food is moderation. Children need to develop some of that on their own, or they never will. A treat from time to time is fine.

As was the story with playgrounds, meals can probably be too safe for common sense.