It’s Getting Interesting Now – Rick Perry for President

Rick Perry will be putting his hat into the ring and run for the GOP nomination confirmed today by a spokesman for the Governor.  Perry who is not on the ballot for the Ames Straw Poll on Saturday, but already has legions of fans working to get people to write his name in.  This was being done before the announcement today. So it will be interesting to see how he places this weekend. 

Perry’s announcement is bad news for Michele Bachmann.  Perry has a good relationship with social conservatives.  He is also very strong on 2nd and 10th amendment issues.  The Tea Party will be feeling some hominess with the Governor on his constitutional stances.  He and Bachmann will be going after the very same pool of voters.  Perry should win that race as he has tons of executive experience to Bachmann’s very thin experience.  I believe this year, experience will be of up most importance.   The last two plus years has shown electing someone without experience leads to nothing but bad things. 

Another loser in this announcement is Sarah Palin.  While she has still not announced what her decision to run is, since her and Perry are buddies, this could throw a monkey wrench into her plans for a run.  Again, Perry will beat Palin in the experience department.  It will be interesting to see if Palin will join the race now.  She is getting in very late (although name recognition and fundraising are non-issues for her), she has repeatedly said she wouldn’t join the race if there were other true conservatives (Cain, Perry, Bachmann and Santorum are true conservatives) in the race, and she has a professional relationship with Perry that was very friendly. 

The biggest loser in this would seem to be Mitt Romney.  Perry can pull in the big cash donors.  The rumors circulating earlier this week was that Perry was making sure he had commitments on donations before he would throw his hat into the ring officially.  Since he is announcing two days earlier than originally thought, someone must have opened their wallets.  Perry will be able to compete financially against Mitt, he has more executive experience in the government sector than Mitt, and most importantly, Governor Perry didn’t sign Romneycare into law.  Another rumor floating around is that this was Mitt’s biggest fear. 

I am not very familiar with Perry’s record, I do know that Paulites consider Perry to be part of the new world order and Romney is afraid of his candidacy.  Then my reaction has to be Welcome Aboard Gov. Perry.  Glad you decided to play in GOP presidential politics.  If the Paulites and Romney don’t like you, you may be someone to take a look at.