ALL Candidates Need to be Vetted

Don’t let a few good soundbites lead you into blind allegiance to a politician.  Have we learned nothing since 2008?

We have primaries for a reason, so that we can try to put forward the candidate who will best represent our interests.
I have noticed that Rick Perry has supporters who are really very much like those of Obama and Ron Paul in that they come completely unhinged if someone criticizes their guy, kind of like how muslims react to criticism of islam and mohammed but minus the bloodshed (so far).  Nobody should be exempt from scrutiny, in my humble opinion.

Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but ten years after jihadis came and killed us by the thousands on a bright and sunny September morning, I am more than a little bit tired of being told that “islam is a religion of peace” every time a bunch of us are murdered for islam. Personally, I feel that we should hold no quarter for islamic supremacists’ conquest of our civilization nor should we support the enablers of it.

While I will be voting GOP ABO in the November 2012 election, I would much prefer to not hold my nose and choke down bile as I do it. I don’t think it is wise to put yet another person in the Oval Office who fails to understand that islamic jihad and sharia are are deadly and dangerous to the well being of our country and to freedom loving people everywhere.  Please read No Quarter at my place for detailed information about this subject.

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