I Don’t Know About Roland Martin, But I Fear Obama

Roland Martin wrote an OP-ED for CNN based on the premise that Obama’s problem is that no one fears him.  Umm, Mr. Martin he scares the living crap out of me. 

But this is coming from a man who sees nothing wrong with him trying to schedule a speech on the economy on the same night of the GOP debate. 

After his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, President Obama signaled he was ready to do battle leading up to the 2012 re-election. But the bungling, and eventual capitulation, over when he would address a joint session of Congress to present a jobs plan shows that we have seen more of the same: a decisive action taken by Obama, only to back down and acquiesce to the GOP.

After Obama buckled to Speaker John Boehner by postponing the speech to Thursday, a hardcore Democrat, who hates anything the GOP does and has never voted for a Republican for president, texted me the following: “Does the POTUS need back surgery? I think he does. He needs a spine transplant.”

The debate has been planned for months.  Like it or not Mr. Rowland this is part of the democratic process in this country.  There are plenty of people who are interested in what the GOP candidates have to say.  By trying to schedule the speech at the same time the president was showing that he has no respect for the process, his opponents, let alone the American people who want to watch the debate.  Would Mr. Martin feel the same had President Bush tried to do the same thing during one of the democratic debates four years ago?  Some how I think not.  Then to top it off and make it worse, Carney comes out and says the date and time was coincidental.  Uh huh, I am sure it was.  This was nothing but a stunt pure and simple. A stunt that backfired, and now Mr. Martin is trying to blame for the GOP for it. 

He is also pointing to the fact that one of his candidates to head the Consumer Protection Bureau will actually have to go through a senate confirmation hearing.  The horror. 

The White House bowed to Republicans in the Senate in not appointing Elizabeth Warren as head of the Consumer Protection Bureau. She was considered enemy No. 1 for them. So by appointing Richard Cordray, the Obama administration hoped the Senate would recess, allowing them to make his appointment effective during the recess. There was one tiny problem: The only thing the GOP hated more than Warren was the bureau itself. They didn’t recess, and now Cordray will be put through the wringer on Tuesday during his Senate confirmation hearing.

The problem is the president never appointed her.  She was given a totally different job and will be the likely opponent to Scott Brown next year as he tries to hang onto his senate seat.  It would be very hard to run a government agency while being a first time candidate for senate would it not Mr. Martin?  If you like her so much you should be glad that she got passed over because she could very well end up taking over where Teddy left off.  Agency heads should always go through a senate confirmation hearing.  Period.  I don’t care which party the president is from.  The American people have the right to expect our elected officials to fulfill the constitutional duties afforded to them and confirming heads of agencies is one of them. 

But, this has to be my favorite:

It is abundantly clear that President Obama is unwilling to fire back at his critics, who disrespect him and the office of the president. He wants to take the high ground, while his critics are ripping the ground out from underneath him. Instead of taking charge of his agenda, he is willing to let others blow him off to pursue their own

How delusional is Roland Martin?  Let us see, he himself has played the race card about the tea party.  President Obama slammed a private citizen basically to his face while at the correspondent’s dinner when he spent a good portion of his speech going after Donald Trump.  Remember when Bagdad Bob Gibbs showed some notes he wrote on his hand in order to stick it Sarah Palin?  I guess Roland Martin forgot that.  This president is one of the most thin-skinned we have ever had.