A Pop Quiz

I have come to the conclusion that regardless of facts, liberals just stay with their talking points.  It doesn’t matter what the real numbers are, or the what the real voting record is, or just facts in general if it doesn’t fit their objectives.  This being the reason that I really wanted to get the book Demonic by Ann Coulter.  I can’t give you a good reason for this but I am a terrible online shopper, even with books I want to pick it up before I buy it.  Remarkably, the book was constantly sold out at my local Barnes and Noble, quite a feat in heavily democratic Northern Virginia.  Congrats Ann.  I was finally able to pick up it today. 

See if you know the answers to these questions:

Who desegregated more public schools?

  1. President Kennedy
  2. President Johnson
  3. President Nixon

Which presidential candidate was a card-carrying member of the NAACP when running for president in 1960?

  1. President Kennedy
  2. President Nixon

Who founded the Arizona chapter of the NAACP?

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  2. Julian Bond
  3. Barry Goldwater

How many provisions did Barry Goldwater oppose in the 1964 Civil Rights Act?

  1. All Seven
  2. Four
  3. Two

Why did Goldwater object to the 1964 Civil Rights Legislation?

  1. He didn’t
  2. He is just another republican racist.
  3. He was against the provisions on property rights; specifically on privately owned housing and public accommodations.

Who said “we’ve got to give the goddamned niggers something”?

  1. Lyndon Johnson (D)
  2. Richard Nixon (R)
  3. Senator Sam Ervin (D)

Some other fun facts – 18% of republicans voted against 1964 civil rights act, 44% of democrats voted against in the senate.  In the house, 20% of republicans voted against, and 37% of democrats voted against. 

The longest filibuster in history was done in response to a civil rights bill that meant to fix enforcement provisions that the democrats had gutted.  They filibustered for 125 hours. 

Even after Richard Nixon’s administration had a proven record on desegregating the schools (from 1968-1970 black students attending all black schools dropped from 68% to 18.4%) Julian Bond said the following:

If you could call Adolf Hitler a friend of the Jews, you could call President Nixon a friend of the blacks.

So even after Nixon was able to drop the percentage of black students in segregated schools down by half he was still a racist.  Nixon also created the programs that give minorities advantages to government contracts, called the Philadelphia Plan.  Not something that conservatives are thrilled about due to the unconstitutionally of the federal government picking winners and losers. 

We need to know our history. 

 Bottom choice is answer to all quiz questions.