I Knew There Was a Reason I Like Ann Coulter

This of course is causing many calls of “Diva”, “Establishment”, and “Elitist”. 

There are people out there who like Sarah Palin, who believe in what she is saying, who thinks that she is good at getting a crowd going, and has a canny ability to raise money, but don’t feel that she should run for president.  That in and of itself does not make you a bad person, a bad conservative, or any other thing that you will be called by the Palinista’s.  It just means that you are expressing your opinion.  Something that as an American you are allowed to express.  At least the last time I checked. 

Some of Palin’s “fans” are rabid fanatics.  They search every website for one little bad word about the Governor and all of sudden you end up with comment after comment questioning your sanity.  People will defriend you on Facebook if you dare say one word against Palin.  How exactly is that different from what happened with Obama a few years ago?  It is the same blind loyalty.  Sarah Palin is not perfect, she makes mistakes, just like every other human being.  She has no magic wand to cure all the ills.  It scared me when this  was the belief for Obama and it scares me now.  It isn’t healthy for our type of government. 

I agree with Ann, it isn’t whether Sarah Palin is all those things that the left accused her of, it is about whether the squishy middle who decide national elections believe it.  It has been three years and there are still people who think Tina Fey’s comments were actually made by Sarah Palin.  If she hasn’t been able to dismiss these misconceptions by now, I don’t hold the belief that she can.  It also isn’t a question of fairness.  Life isn’t fair.  The left set out to destroy her to the squishy middle and I think they did a bang up job of it.  These people are not going to watch the documentary about her, they have already made up their minds.  I live in a left leaning area of the country, they don’t care what her record is.  They don’t like her.  They won’t vote her.  Yeah, they will vote for Obama over her.  Her true record has no meaning to them.  Her not making a decision about running I think has hurt her, not helped her.  It just allows this type of talk to continue. 

There is nothing in this interview that should warrant Coulter and Graham being called the names that they are being called.  They spoke their minds in an analytical fashion.  That is what they are paid to do. 

I am with Ann, it is time to “fish or cut bait” Governor.  The game is becoming tiresome.  Make your decision known.  We can then start the process of widdling down to the candidate that is the most likely to beat Obama.  After all that is the goal, isn’t it?