First Lady on Fire!

Not the dress. Just a quote from the “reporter”. FLOTUS says it was a date night after all:

Barack and Michelle Obama wrapped up two days of New York fundraising tonight with a gala eventat Gotham Hall, where the First Couple got a little flirty.

“It is great to be in New York,” Michelle Obama said, according to White House pool reports. “And it is great to be here with my husband because the truth in, we rarely get to travel anymore. They separate us. It’s like our date night.”

Some commenters are less than impressed. This about sums it up, I’d say:

youarestupiderthaniam on Sep 21, 12:44 AM said:

Well, well, did O’bummer and Muchelle give the truly rich a lecture on how they are going to be paying a whole lot more if he has his way while fleecing them of up to $38k – the median income of the average American worker?

Of course, I am sure these big buck donors are aware of where O’bozo has spent our tax payer money.

For example, Solyndra – .5 billion down the drain

Fast and Furious – arms to drug dealers that then turn around and kill federal agents

Not two wars, but at least four and depending on how you count them six wars.

Billions to the PLO that has vowed to wipe Israel off the map and has vowed the same to the “great satan.”

Zero employed in the month of August

Inflation at 4% and 10 year treasury bill at less than 2%

In the Congressional Black Caucus wants to dump them.

On fire.