Quote of the Day – Herman Cain Edition

I think that they’re over this first African-American president thing. I think that is behind them. Here’s what’s going to do it, Greta, growing this economy. Growing this economy is what’s foremost on the minds of black Americans, Hispanic Americans, all Americans. The fact that my plan resonates, the fact that if we boost this national economy, we’re going to help the state economy — that’s going to help the local economy, and that’s going to help the household economy. And because the unemployment rate for black people is nearly 17 percent, instead of the 9 percent, they’re looking for something that’s going to boost this economy, and they see that possibility in my 9-9-9 plan.

Herman Cain on Greta Van Sustren’s question of the black vote. 

It does make you wonder how the black community will handle the vote next year.  Especially if by chance Herman Cain does get the nomination.  The unemployment rate is especially high in the black community and they have been hit hard by this recession and bad economy.  I would think the shine has worn off the penny of the first black president.  But the question remains that as a group, they are very loyal to the democratic party.  So, do they stay home or do they do the brave thing and vote for “change”?